It's what you make of what you got.

Happy Birthright


Our birthdays are born in blood and guts, in love and umbilical cords,

in two suns deciding to make a tiny moon.

We may not love the bodies we come into the world with,

but they are our birthrights.

We’re delivered wailing and flailing, kicking and screaming,

so remember that to this day, you still have the right to howl.

You still have the right to fight your way to true North,

to a better and safer home, just like your tiny limbs did

all those years ago inside the womb.

Because you may have been born in darkness, in an enclosed space,

but sometimes those very spaces

are the ones worth keeping.

It is both a blessing and a curse to come into being in a place

where the very person who made you is also the very person

who will cause your own death as a result-

being given breath is extraordinary,

but even the term breath-taking signifies great beauty.

It is your right to carry silence inside your bones

like you carried it through the rumblings of your mother’s stomach.

Because seeds that weather a thunderstorm

are the likeliest to sprout.

Can’t believe that this is my last General Assembly with CASA. I wouldn’t have it any other way. This team is the craziest but I love them to bits! Despite the odds, at the end of the day, you guys make me happy ❤️ Thank you Coach Rocky Bagalacsa for such a classy piece! I love Footworks! 👊 #HowIFeel

Break Ya Neck - The Royal Family

Damn this piece is hardcore. I really wish I could hit like this. Bow down! 

I’m not asking for more
But I’m not expecting any less
Just a chance if you may
For a do or die game

July 12, 2013. Saturday Ballgames

Today marked the opening of UAAP Season 77. Hurrah! I stayed home to watch the men’s senior basketball matches: UP vs. UE and DLSU vs. FEU. (I can’t wait for UST’s first game tomorrow!) After these games, I immediately changed the channel to catch the first game of Gilas Pilipinas in FIBA. They were up against Chinese Taipei that ended in a victory. Huge applause to our Philippine team for a very good start. Then after dinner, the whole family came to support my father’s championship game in the baranggay league. Even if it meant betting if these old men could still run and do fast breaks, I enjoyed watching them play. Age and arthritis meant nothing to them. You could see how much they love playing ball and being in their 40s or 50s didn’t stop them from having fun. In the end, my father’s team was crowned champs and we celebrated over 2 boxes of good pizza. I just love basketball game days.

Our pretty girl ❤️

July 3, 2014: CASA Footworks’ Videoshoot

Spent the whole day filming our promotional video. It was exhausting but all of us had fun under the sun. The shoot took place at Angono, Rizal - somewhere really… really… far. Haha! The day started early for us. Waking up to aching bodies from the training we had the previous day didn’t stopped us from this adventure. So much effort was given to this project. Excited for the final outcome.

July 1, 2014: Footworks Core and Coach

Productive first of July! Met with Footworks core members to plan for the upcoming school year. I’m really excited. It’s time to make things happen. Senior year will be memorable.


Even with sore bodies,
aching feet—
we dance
to our heart beating.

In dance,
our bodies melt,
one and two and three and four—
into a single rhythm.

In dance,
we forget
we are moving.

In dance,
we tessellate;
we become more than the body

that confines us.

We become more than the…